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Minibeasts Flashcards

Minibeasts Flashcards

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Product Description

Minibeast Flashcards not only help babies and toddlers learn new words, but they also encourage exploration, promote movement and exercise and develop fine motor skills and pen control


All of these flashcards have been designed to provide multi-purpose learning. This not only offers parents greater value for money but more importantly ensures the products will grow with your child enabling them to move onto a more difficult phase of learning when they are ready.


Front/back - bee/pen control practice, ant/pen control practice, butterfly/pen control practice, caterpillar/pen control practice, dragonfly/pen control practice, ladybird/pen control practice, snail/pen control practice, spider/pen control practice, worm/pen control practice, grasshopper/pen control practice

🐛 Wipe clean 10 Double-sided flashcards

🐛 A6 in size

🐛 Made from 350gsm card stock

🐛 Rounded corners for safety

🐛 CE tested and approved

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