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Snowflake Feeding Necklace

Snowflake Feeding Necklace

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Snowflake Colour

Handmade breastfeeding necklace featuring silicone beads
Special Snowflake Design
Made to order

Designed to distract fingers whilst feeding - whether that be bottle feeding or breastfeeding. Some babies pull hair, stick fingers up your nose or even pinch you whilst they're eating!

The perfect length for most mums for babies from birth to several years old - perfect for babies and looks good on mum!

💎 Made from food-grade, BPA free silicone
💎 Completely non-toxic and odourless
💎 Strong satin cord knotted at each end to prevent beads from moving, with a break-away safety clasp

Care instructions:
If your necklace gets a little grubby, you can wash in the shower, in the washing up bowl or in the dishwasher.

Safety information:
This necklace is not a toy
Do not leave your baby unsupervised with this necklace - they are not designed to be handed to babies to play with on their own

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